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Any single sample exceeding 50MB, will be deleted. Sidetrack Records is not responsible for any copyrighted material or lost material.
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pic vicious
sola rey
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Procedure to start the Sample Exchange:
* Download and install an FTP client software - ex.(cuteftp, etc.) If you don't have one, we have provided one for you:
click here to download leechftp; then unzip it and run the setup
* In the FTP client software, click connect and type in the information below in the following prompts:
Host or Url:
User Name: sidetrack
Password: sAmple20 (case sensitive)
* Once connected, double click on a folder, ex.kicks, and start your upload or download. REMEMBER to Refresh
* click here to
watch a video tutorial (.avi format)
Want a place to exchange samples? without the hassle of email storage & IM drop outs. We offer a place to transfer your files Free via FTP. Easy setup, free software, and login. Check out the links to the right to get all the info you need to get started.
Any questions: contact us