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Am I giving Sidetrack Records (Team SideTrack) any rights to my music?
NO. As part of the Artist Exposure Movement, you are simply giving us the non-exclusive rights to showcase and post your material and music to our website and the several different marketing channels we have in place to help increase your exposure to the world.

What do you provide?
Sidetrack Records has channels in place on the web that will provide you all the information you need to open the doors to bigger opportunities. It gives you access to distribution, electronic press kits, and services that help you reach out to your fans more effectively.

How long does it take before my full page layout is posted?
When we receive your materials our website developers are notified and usually within 3-4 days your full page layout will be posted. A notification is sent out to you via email once your page is live.

How much do you make off my songs?
Absolutely Nothing... Unless contracts are signed that state you are an artist on the label side -Sidetrack Records- we make $0 off your songs.

What is the difference in video exposure on the home page?
One is an Opportunity that will give your video a push through our channel, if you have your own youtube video, myspace vid, metacafe video, we will post it for a 3 week home page rotation. The other is, if you don't have a video, we offer to create one for you, certain fees will apply. Once it's created we will post the video in a 3 week home page rotation and later remain on archive, youtube, and facebook pages for extended exposure.

What format do my songs have to be in?
Your songs can be in mp3 format, anything at 128bit, 44.1KHz or higher is best. You can also send us .wav, .aiff, .wma, and .m4a formats.

If my question isn’t answered here, who can I contact?
You can always contact with any questions or inquires.
Thank you.