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Exposure YOUR self to the Elements of the Urban LifeStyle. Creating a stage for Dancers, Graffiti Artists, and Skate. Team SideTrack wants to bring the elements of the Urban Lifestyle and allow it to be understood and respected in its true form, "THE TALENT"... We are opening the doors for complete Independent Exposure Opportunities, if you are a Dancer, Skateboarder or a Graffiti Artist and would like to exposure your talent, feel out our form and we will be geared to begin the movement...
Dancing - B-boys, B-girls, Jazz, Latin, Modern, and Tap
Graffiti Artists - Piece, Blockbusters, Throw-Ups, Fill-Ins, Tags, Wildstyle, Heaven, Bombers, and Urban Murals
Skateboarding - Street, Freestyle, Vert, Big Air, Downhill, & Tech