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Straight street, mixed with infectious drums and intellgent rhythms. Story telling beats...Get On it...
Collection of hard urban style hip hop beats. Bangin drums; Battle cat beats with heated melodies.. Come Hard...
Smooth jazz, funky rhythms, sultry basslines. Keeping
the night hott. RnB & Soul beats... Bring the Love...
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ron kingston
gianni bardaro
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Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Funk, Trip Hop
grace our catalog of
beats. Team SideTrack is made up
of 3 producers creating with their own
unique style and sound. For your
listening pleasure check out any
catalog and enjoy without any voice
overs or commercials.
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Hip Hop
Hip Hop
RnB Beats
The songs you hear below are 10 second demo's of each track.
Click on any Music Catagory above to hear the fuller versions. (Hip Hop beats and RnB beats)
1) Exclusive Rights: This grants you full exclusivity and you will acquire full ownership of the track. With full ownership you can gain possible royalties & commercial profitability. You will receive the track - seperated by channels; this allows for remixing. In addition the track will be pulled from all marketing material (website, flyers, videos, & social network sites).
* If the track contains sample/s you will be solely responsible for clearance.
2) Non-Exclusive Rights: This grants you the option to use the track, non-commercially. SideTrack has the right to re-sale the track at any time to any artist.
The rights of the track will remain exclusively under the record label, "SideTrack Records", and it's producers.
* If the track contains sample/s the purchaser
will be solely responsible for any clearance.
3) Custom Rights: The track will be produced the way you choose. Custom Rights will require a 50% up-front deposit and the remaining 50% paid after the track/s have been completed. Custom Rights automatically grant you Exclusive Rights; if you decide not to pay the second 50% of the price, the track will be fully released & licensed to SideTrack Records, exclusively.
4) Work For Hire: This is a a One Time Deal; SideTrack Records will perform the necessary work, no stipulations. One upfront fee for the track/s (negotiated at time of hire). You will own the exclusive rights & the right to distribute the track/s as you please once the work is complete.
5) Performance Rights: These songs are allowed to be used only as part of a live or recorded musical performance; Selling and Purchasing is completely PROHIBITED.