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Our Team has done a lot of research and development over the past 8 years to bring viable opportunities for The Independent Artist to promote their voice. Think of us as a professional portal for Independent Artist Exposure. The traffic we bring is industry related and our work is your benefit. There are no contracts; all content is exclusively yours. Check out what we have to offer to increase your fan base and artist exposure.
Booking is Free for Artists. No long-term agreements.
Fill out our Show Form to begin the process
Imagine being a part of a Live Music Performances in your local city or state and doing what you love best. This is the opportunity we are helping to provide. Local Artists, Bands, Performers, Singers, Rappers, music of all genres are welcomed.
Let us bring our connections to you!!!
- Payment will be directly proportional to the artists draw for each night, and it includes total Pre-Sales and Door Draw. When fans buy through an artist's online ticket sales, they will have the option to TIP.
*Just like with any online ticketing company, there is a small service fee for online tickets.

- The standard set for a full Band is 30-minutes, with 15 minutes for set up. The standard set for “solo/acoustic" acts is 20-minutes.

- Order of Performers will be based on artist preference and how many tickets are sold 4-7 days prior to any event.

Most Venues will provide:
- The PA System
- The Sound Person
- Vocal Microphones, Cables, and Stands
- Drum and Amp Mics (if needed for the size of the room)
- Monitors (Speakers)

- Network with other local musicians and suggest other bands

If you have any questions, feel free to email us

If you are interested in this great opportunity, please fill out our form
1. HOME PAGE FEATURE - We offer a Home Page Blast that exposes your music for a 3 week rotation; all we need is a video link from youtube, metacafe, vimeo, etc. or an .mp3 file; some brief information about yourself or band; some video and/or song credits; and a hi-resolution photo.
(We have Free and Advanced Placement Opportunities)
2. INTERNET EXPOSURE - Becoming an A-List Artist is a great way to exposure yourself amongst a professional list of talent. All it takes is a band or artist picture. We will post your picture through out our website in variest A-List Sections and link your picture to any artist page - (facebook, youtube, personal, soundclick, myspace, etc.) It's up to you.
(This is a Free Service)
3. SHOWCASE YOUR TALENT - We offer a Full Page Layout. We will build a profile for you with your pictures, videos, music, biography, gig schedule, links, and more. The more material you have, the more professional your layout will be presented. This is a great opportunity to exposure your talents in our industry driven website. Once your profile is posted, it creates a professional marketing channel for you to promote yourself. Check Out a Layout
If you are an Artist, DJ, Band, MC, Producer, and/or a Musician and are interested in our opportunities, please Fill out our form to inquire.
If you decide to choose one, two or all three, we are here to help.
Team SideTrack offers our professional world to you...

Do you have Concerns? check out our FAQ or email us
Imagine being able to leave the studio with your next "hit" and being able to place it on the radio right away. One of the hardest things for any artist is to get airplay, and we've made it as simple as coming to us. We bring the World to YOU!!!
Get 1 Song Playing for Three Months:
Fill out our Radio Play Form to begin the process
For up to 3 months period you will have the opportunity to have up to one of your favorite songs or new release playing in rotation up to 3+ times a day. An opportunity to have your song play over 250 total times in a three month period to over 1 million listeners and visitors in over 100 countries world wide. As time persists, after your first rotation period, if you have more songs you would like to promote, there will be another fee.

College Underground Radio stations have had over 1 MILLION listeners and website visitors. THAT IS ALOT OF EXPOSURE! This provides a vehicle for unsigned or undiscovered bands and Independent artists to get your music heard and build your fan base through out the world.

Bands or musicians who want to submit their music to College Underground Radio for consideration to be added to our playlists should submit 1 .mp3 recording (so pick your best) and sign a release for us to play your music.

Once you fill out our Form we will be in contact to get the song you want to expose, the song must be in .mp3 format.